Monday, August 08, 2011


I didn't realize how bad i am running my own life until you slapped me on my face. :( real hard.

Thanks to you. 

My ignorance does affecting other people's life. Pardon me for being selfish. I am not perfect and apparently didn't up to your expectation either. 

As what old people used to say "Bila terhantuk baru tengadah". I'll never understand your judgment if you just keep it in your head. Lucky you have a gut to say it and here i am telling you that i am getting your message loud and clear. I've sadden and touched by your words and in fact, i've crying all night thinking of the ugly truth, but i'll never hate you for being honest. I just want to fix things up. 

Tell me what should i do? Do as you say or lets have a detail conversation over issues that you brought up. Hope everything will be better between us. For the sake of our own life and happiness. 

I want to tell you that whatever you said and think of me, I still love you.

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