Monday, November 06, 2006

Change your status

I’ve chatted with an old fren and she told me that my frenz are going to be tie knot end of this year. Ina on 23rd November, Makda and Darma on 23rd December. Even my roommate is expecting a baby this November. She was married last year Raya and now she will have a baby a year later. Min and Gapar engaged end of this year. And hey! I’ve got a called from Zali, he was married last year. My officemates? Nuha, will wear her ring on 16th. Shima engaged, Huhuu.. Is that a sign that I am supposed to have the same status as them? Hahahaha… Who else? Er, next year kot. Ogy, break up oledi hahaha.. jahatnya aku.(psstt!.. keep it secret). I went to Arief fren’s wedding last Saturday. She is so gorgeous in a green wedding dress. Hmm… green looks perfect… I’m started dreaming…

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