Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Bz week… Last week I was appointed to be with the MBC crew in Hotlink booth Jomheboh carnival. So tired yet satisfied. It was Flop Poppy who was performed at the Hotlink booth stage that Sunday and there a few Sabahans enjoyed the show excitedly and holding Sabah Flag. It was happened during the National Day Celeb at Dataran Merdeka too. These Sabahan yang excited holding Sabah flag and making noise. Masuk Edisi Siasat tuh!... Rasa segan gak coz its like racial kan and yes.. I’m SABAHAN and I’m proud of where I belong. At first, terfikir jugak why were they do the things they done? Then, they made me smile… Its kinda cute tough. Life is short don’t waste it with something that we might regret one day. We are coming from different lifestyles, different background, different faces and so many other differences. Just don’t expect people will do the same thing that we do. Don’t blame them negatively, maybe that the way they enjoy their life and maybe they just don’t have a chance to do it in their past life. And maybe the crowds were so dull and they just wanna help the performer to be more confident and feel welcomed. To those who non-Sabahan, just change the way you think about Sabahan. I’m not trying to blame anyone here, but guess what people say when I’m mention that I’m from Semporna, Sabah. ‘Oh! Area yang ada pirate tu?’ Yup! It was almost 10 years since that tragedy but people keep in mind that this area is so full of left eye-covered pirate that kidnap you and put you in a beautiful island. Come on la… I’m still move here and there in one piece.
To those who have a bad experience with the Sabahan, just wanna say sorry on their behalf. Peoples are different… That’s life…

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